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Own Your SaaS Empire:

White-Label Groove.cm and Groove.ai!

Launch your branded version of Groove.cm and Groove.ai, keeping 100% of the profits.

No revenue sharing, on your own custom domain, with your brand and colors, and unlimited earning potential.

Get started today and reshape your business forever!

Empower Your Brand

Keep All the Profits

Harness the full potential of a proven SaaS platform to build your own digital empire.

Avoid revenue sharing and reap the benefits of your hard work.

Our white-label solution means every dollar earned is a step towards financial independence.

  • 100% Revenue RetentionMaximize your earning potential with every sale.
  • Launch your SaaS offering and keep every dollar of the profit.
  • No revenue sharing means your success is entirely yours.

Comprehensive Solution

Your Suite of White Labeled Platforms

Offer an expansive suite of marketing tools with our comprehensive white-label platforms.

From website building to sales funnels, bring a wealth of resources to your clients under your brand's umbrella.

  • Versatile White Label Platforms
  • A full spectrum of tools from websites to funnels, all under your brand.
  • Offer your clients a suite of essential marketing tools, elevating your brand's value and customer loyalty.

Innovate with AI

The Only AI-Powered CRM

Set your brand apart with the only white-label solution offering an AI-powered CRM.

Intelligent insights and automation place you and your clients at the forefront of marketing technology.

  • AI-Driven CRM
  • Harness the power of advanced AI for smarter client management.
  • Provide cutting-edge, intelligent CRM solutions, giving your clients the edge they need in a competitive digital landscape

Your Brand, Your Domain

Exclusive Domain Hosting: Make It Unmistakably Yours.

Solidify your online presence with the ability to host on your domain.

Your brand's identity should shine through every aspect of your service.

  • Host on Your Own Domain
  • Strengthen your brand's presence with a unique domain.
  • Foster brand recognition and trust by providing services on a platform that is unmistakably yours.

No Hidden Costs

Say Goodbye to Development Fees

Zero Development, Full Deployment.

Launch your brand without the overhead of development costs.

Our turnkey solution puts you in the fast lane of deployment.

  • Zero Development Overhead
  • Build a stable, growing revenue stream with minimal effort.
  • Allocate your budget towards growth, not development, with a ready-to-market platform.

Enjoy Recurring Revenue

Benefit from a business model that emphasizes recurring income, providing a stable and predictable financial stream.

  • Automated Recurring Income
  • Build a stable, growing revenue stream with minimal effort.
  • Secure your financial future with a business model that ensures consistent monthly earnings.

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