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Butterfly Marketing With Groove

Butterfly Marketing is a notion that certain very small changes that you make just 1 time early in your marketing can have a DRAMATIC effect on your results, your income & your business. One of the most unique marketing strategies is now available to you!

Have A Sneak-Peek Here:

Mike Filsaime focuses his attention on identifying small changes that online marketers can make to the way they do business that will have a huge impact on their profits.

Topics Covered In This Book

FREE: The Most Powerful Word In Marketing

If you do not think the word "FREE" is powerful, or if you think it is over-used, you have never been more wrong and I urge you to rethink your view on marketing with "Free Offers" or "Free Risk Trials."

Your Marketing Funnel

I will talk about how to set up your marketing funnel starting with "FREE" offers & I will teach you my secret "4 Step" method of FO-UD-FC-BE . This is the exact way I run all my offers & it will blow you away as to how much it can increase profits in your business.

OTO-The One Time Offer Phenomenom

This chapter is one of THE key factors & it's importance to this concept.

The Viral Exponent-Butterflies

The Viral Exponent is a metric , or a way to measure the growth of your site over a period of time. Getting an X-Factor greater than 1.01 most likely will not happen. However, learning this can make you an internet pacesetter.

5 Ways To Increase Your Profits

There are 5 main things you can do to increase profits in your business. Now, you can argue there are other ways, but I am sure if you come up with any ideas you will see they fall under these 5 sections.

Free Or Paid? What's The Best Way To Go?

O.K., you ask, “If it is a free site… How can I make any money?” Well, that is a good question. I make over $50,000 per month with so called ‘Free Sites.’ We will get into just how that is done in the later chapters. But it is important to first realize how to make the sites work. Then, making money will be the easy part.

Bonus 155 Page PDF Included!

This Is A Brilliant Marketing Concept!

Novice and intermediate online marketers should read Butterfly Marketing.

It is like getting a degree in online marketing in 155 pages.

Print it out and keep it next to your computer.

You’ll be referring to it often.

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