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Possibilities With GROOVE:

Who Needs To Explore Groove?

Students who don’t want heaps of student loan debt.

Agency owners who want to reduce the monthly fees for multiple SaaS tools.

Digital Marketing Academies & Institutes who want to enroll more students & create a new recurring revenue stream.

Anyone who is smart & doesn’t want to make 20 pricey monthly payments for various software tools.

Freelancers who enjoy being a digital nomad & having access to a web-based platform to work anywhere in the world.

Business owners who are paying through their nose for 20 different expensive digital marketing software tools.

With Groove you can start, run and grow

any online business Properly!

Groove Is Right For You If:

You’re an online marketer.

You create content online.

You have products or services to sell or promote.

You want to build funnels and landing pages.

You want to run a membership site.

You want to host your training courses all on one platform.

You want a powerful digital marketing platform all under one dashboard.

From the desk of Steve Deara

Founder: Explore Groove

I found the secret to incredible business growth after working in sales and marketing for more than 5 years.

Now please note that:

  • I’m not some 6-figure guru.

  • I don’t have any masterclass courses to sell.

  • There isn’t a “BUY THIS NOW OR YOU LOSE” kinda pitch at the end of what you are reading now.

  • So you can forget where you keep your credit card!

    For me personally, digital marketing had been more of an expensive hobby than a

    lucrative business until last year…

    I was working as a Worker’s Compensation Court Adjuster for a major nationwide insurance company.

    I was spending over 14 hours a day, missing dinners with my family trying to get ready for court the next day.

    Having to work with others looking to undermine my efforts & a demanding boss who was not invested in my success became such an energy stealing daily event.

    And the intense concentration to be prepared for court every day drained my desire for any creativity and efforts to develop some “side gig”.

    Then I’d get home & stay up all night on Google learning how to start a business online.

    I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember.

    After all, that’s the dream, right?

    To make money on the internet while you sleep!

    Turns out, it’s not quite that simple or cheap…

    Now don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely possible to make money on the internet!

    More and more people are doing it every day.

    In fact, selling on the internet is exactly what let me break free from working over 14 hours a day for some corporate giant.

    But it wasn’t some glorious overnight success like some online celebrities want you to believe (as you send them $5000).

    It took me many, many months.

    Now, I’m finally making enough money not only to pay my bills but to replace the income from my dream stealing “career”

    It’s definitely more than what I was making as a Workers’ Compensation Court Adjuster.

    And yes it’s not like it’s all automatic!

    I still work a lot on my business.

    But I am having fun!

    I started to (and still) make money on the internet primarily by affiliate marketing along with promoting my own exclusive offers.

    There’s a surprising amount of profit to be found in affiliate marketing, and it is actually quite gratifying!

    Scaling my businesses beyond the “normal” or “comfortable” income by myself was a bit of a challenge, initially.

    After all, I wasn’t a total newbie, I was just trying to figure this whole marketing thing out.

    With a small learning curve, I was able to start and grow my online business.

    And I enjoy being an online business owner!

    But I realized I like creating digital media and connecting with people like you on the internet!

    And it hit me…

    I’m getting pretty good at selling online!

    But what if others were able to do this as well.

    I admit this is a long introduction, but I just want you to understand who is writing this review.

    I was frustrated to find real, genuine reviews of marketing and online business tools.

    Because people frequently stretch the truth or flat out lie for the sake of getting paid to promote these types of products.

    When you’re a beginner, it can be very hard to distinguish which is which, so I am hoping my plain language and sincere approach helps someone, somewhere, decide if Groove is right for them.

    You see Groove is essentially a robust digital marketing platform that allows you to create an extraordinary eCommerce presence to sell physical or digital products and services.

    It’s kind of like if Clickfunnels, Shopify, Mailchimp, GoTo Webinar, YouTube and Medium had some sort of superhuman mutant baby!

    So you can say that the hype around Groove is real.

    And it’s not just because it’s Awesome!

    Mike Filsaime, John Cornetta, and Groove Digital have definitely entered the software octagon like Conor McGregor on fight night!

    But can they go 5 rounds against the current title holders?

    Don’t know about you but Groove has what it takes to be a game-changer & champion for years to come!

    Enjoy A Message From The Founders:

    The Creators Of Groove

    After a bit of researching, Mike’s resume passed my test!

    As soon as I realized he was the guy behind the “Butterfly Marketing” technique I’ve heard other marketing legends reference (including Russell Brunson, in his book “Expert Secrets”) I realized this probably wasn’t just another funnel builder.

    That’s when I decided to enter my email address for a free “Groove” membership.

    I figured even if he bombarded me with marketing emails for something I couldn’t afford, maybe I could learn something from his sales copy…

    They never delivered…

    But I learned something, alright!

    This was my first experience with Groove.

    There I was, like a child with a new toy, playing with some of the latest high-tech software and building websites, funnels & shopping carts, anxiously awaiting the avalanche of marketing emails.

    I’ve come to expect this after giving my email address to anyone in this space.

    But they never delivered the emails!

    When I finally did get an email it was a brief heads up about a new feature that was being released early, and an invitation to a how-to session.


    This must be where they try to sell me a membership to their $10,000 never-work-again fast money service, right?

    Hopefully, I can learn some high ticket sales tips from the presentation, or maybe get some ideas from their value-stack slides!

    Wrong again!

    The presentation started with a warm, informal welcome, and then Mike introduced a member of the team named David Lemon.

    He would be walking us through how to use various software features step-by-step, and answering questions.

    Ok; they must be saving the offer for the end, I thought…

    So I sat patiently for the next 30 minutes, as this fella David Lemon continuously blew my mind with simple solutions he provided.

    Throughout the entire presentation, other attendees were asking questions so silly you’d think they had never even seen a website before…

    Yet David just continued greeting them politely, by name, and thoroughly answering their questions.

    When there were no more questions, he said thanks and signed off…

    That was it.

    No products pitched.

    No service pitched.

    No offer was made.

    No upsells whatsoever.

    Just genuine help with the Groove software that’s so intuitive you don’t even really need instructions.

    If you can update your Facebook profile, or sign up for an Instagram account, or any social media account, you can figure out how to set up a full website or run your online business with a Groove account.

    And if for whatever reason you can’t, the Official Groove Facebook Group and I are here to help!

    But who helps people who don’t spend money with them, anyway?

    As it turns out, people who understand the modern marketing landscape!

    You see, the best form of marketing is actually helping people.

    It's that simple.

    Adding value in advance.

    There is no other secret than this.

    Take any successful marketing campaign.

    If you break it down you will find one common denominator.

    You will see that the marketing solved a problem.

    Yes, the ad itself solved a problem.

    Getting sales is the easy part.

    It's the reason behind the massive growth of Groove.

    We were able to grow to more than 100 thousand in just under a year.


    Because the Groove platform

    helps people selflessly.

    It lets people create an online business, connect with their target customers and close the sale without having to spend a single dollar whatsoever.

    And as far students are concerned...

    Groove helps them learn all aspects of running an

    online business.

    Right from creating a website or an online store to blasting out email campaigns.

    Great To Learn On...

    Great To Prosper On…

    Upgrade When You Are Ready

    To Move On…

    That’s a slogan I made by the way!

    But Gary Vaynerchuck has been preaching this for over a decade.

    First in his book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” and then again in “Crushing it.”

    If your product is worth its salt, you shouldn’t have to use all sorts of fancy technology and psychological sales wizardry to get people to buy from you.

    Don’t we all know those cheesy “today only” webinars are just an evergreen video that replays every day?

    So why all the fluff?

    I guess it might still work on some people. But most people who value their time find these inauthentic gimmicks annoying, if not downright offensive.

    By the way, you can totally set one of those webinars up with Groove, if that’s your thing.

    I'm here to help you with all aspects of Groove.

    If you can’t tell by now, the bit about being disappointed when I wasn’t immediately bombarded with sales hype was a joke.

    What’s even funnier is: many of the big-shots in this funnel hacking industry act like these condescending marketing tactics are sustainable…

    Ever notice how each time one of these techniques takes off, it's on to the next one for every other drop shipper, guru, and life coach on planet earth?

    Eventually, people figure it out.

    This is what made my first week with Groove so refreshing!

    Here I had built 3 completely different websites, faster and more easily

    than I ever had before, using other platforms like Wix, GoDaddy,

    Squarespace, Shopify, or Clickfunnels for that matter.


    I never even entered my credit card!

    I even turned one of those sites into ButterflyMarketingWithGroove.com before watching any of the Groove training sessions!

    You can see how I did that here.

    I’m still amazed that in one week, my Exclusive Groove account

    provided me more value than my (once $97) $297 Clickfunnels

    subscription ever did.

    I’m not saying that other funnel-building platforms are bad.

    All these platforms are good but there is one alternative that can do the work of all

    these expensive software tools.

    You see, starting online doesn’t need to be this painful, expensive, time-consuming process.

    Now you can have an entire eCommerce platform

    without the hassles of:

    Expensive monthly fees.

    Trying to duct tape & integrate everything together.

    The pain and frustration of getting everything to work.

    Having multiple dashboards to get your work done.

    Automate your business without paying for over 20 different apps every month.

    It’s raw value. And tons of it!

    That’s what it boils down to for me.

    Value in advance.

    The team at Groove Digital didn’t manipulate me with some cheesy gimmick, nor did they bombard my email account.

    Groove simply gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself if their product is right for you.

    And I love that!

    I bet you will love it too!

    At no point was I made to feel guilty for being a noob or pitched the idea that if I only send a bit more money, my dreams will be presented on a silver platter, regardless of my experience or skill level.

    The reality is: making a lot of money doing anything takes some time and practice.

    What I needed was an affordable way to play with powerful marketing and online business tools.

    And learn my way around the internet sales landscape (without being milked dry by subscriptions as I fail…)

    And that’s exactly what Groove provided.

    I am just so beyond excited about what Groove can do not only for me, but people all over the world that I just had to write this review about it!

    Now, where else will you get to experiment with creating your own digital

    products, and tinker with automated sales processes for the rest of your life?

    Lots of other blogs have already covered this extensively, which is why I left it for the end,

    but just in case you still need clarification,




    Explore GROOVE and thank me later for saving you more than $29,436 yearly

    while growing your online business.